Dirt Bike Product Reviews

Best women's dirt bike riding gear

Best Women's Motocross Riding Gear

Guys aren't the only riders rippin' through trails and throwing roost at the track. Women's Motocross is certainly gaining in popularity but we've been carrying Women's Motocross Gear for years. If you're looking to ride into the Fall with all ne...

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Product spotlight for Dirt Bandit wash

MotoSport Product Spotlight: Dirt Bandit Bike Wash

Looking for an environmentally friendly moto wash that actually works? Dirt Bandit Bike Wash has become a favorite among off-road enthusiasts for cleaning the near impossible without worry of damaging the environment or stripping off the lubrica...

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Review of Oakley Airbrake MX Goggle

Oakley Airbrake MX Goggles Review

Little more need to be said about a company with 600 patents and counting. Headquartered in the sunny confines of Southern California, Oakley got its start in 1975 when founder Jim Jannard sold "The Oakley Grip" out of the back of his car at where...

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Buying guide for motocross boots

Motocross Boots Buying Guide

Dirt bike riding requires finesse, concentration, strength and a whole lot of protective gear. If you were to rank the importance of each piece of gear, a helmet, obviously is first, followed by motocross boots. Your feet, ankles and calves endu...

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Hinson Clutch Cover

Product Highlight: Hinson Clutch Cover

Heavily involved in both pro and amateur motocross, Hinson Clutch Components have been a vital part of producing champions in all walks of racing for quite some time. From developing amateurs to putting the world's top pros on the podium week in a...

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Review for the Alpinestars SM5 Helmet

MotoSport Product Spotlight: Alpinestars SM5 Helmet

Not everyone can afford a high-end helmet, perhaps the most important piece of gear when riding dirt bikes. Some folks resort to whatever they can afford but we follow the old adage that says "Buy a $10 helmet if you have a $10 head." We strongl...

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Product details for Fly Racing Formula CC Helmet

MotoSport Product Spotlight - Fly Racing Formula CC Helmet

Fly Racing revisited their popular high-end Formula helmet, released last year, to offer a more price point effective lid from the same family product line in the new Fly Racing Formula CC helmet, available now. Fly Formula CC Helmet The Fly Rac...

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Product details for Sidi Atojo SRS boots

MotoSport Product Spotlight: Sidi ATOJO

If you prefer pro influence into the manufacturing of riding gear then check out the new Sidi ATOJO SRS riding boots. The name combines the initials of Alessandro Lupino for "A," Tony Cairoli for "TO" and "JO" as in Jorge Prado. All three pros off...

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Product details for Pro Taper Sela device

MotoSport Product Spotlight: Pro Taper SELA

Launch control or holeshot devices have probably prevented more loop-outs and injuries than just about any other aftermarket add-on to a dirt bike. But they weren't always the most user friendly contraptions...until now. Pro Taper SELA The Pr...

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Stayc KTM electric bike

STACYC Bike Now at

You can now purchase the KTM Factory Replica STACYC bike at The STACYC bike is an electric bike free of pedals that helps toddlers and kids learn to balance and ride before graduating to a small dirt bike. It weighs much less than ...

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