Dirt Bike Riding Tips

Tips to saving money for riding dirt bikes

How To Save Money Riding Dirt Bikes

There's no doubt about it, riding dirt bikes is far from a low-cost hobby. If you're at the racing level competing every week or even just once a month then it's just downright expensive. But there are ways to reduce your costs and save money ri...

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How to do a wheelie on a dirt bike

How To Do a Wheelie On a Dirt Bike

The best way to really impress people and show off like a boss is popping a wheelie on your dirt bike. Okay, NOT! But you're going to do it anyway so we might as well give you some instruction on the proper way to do a wheelie so you don't hurt ...

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Tips to riding dirt bikes in the winter

Get Prepared For Winter Dirt Bike Riding

The rain, cold and snow is no reason to stop riding your dirt bike - though if you do no one's going to blame you. Winter riding, at least in those places that have true winters, offers a whole new experience that some riders embrace and others ...

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The best soil for dirt bike riding

Best Soil for Riding Dirt Bikes

It's an age-old question. One that stumps (can grow in) the veteran of veterans in the dirt bike community. What is the best type of dirt or soil for riding dirt bikes or Motocross? MotoSport recently hired an independent lab to perform soil t...

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Tips for riding dirt bikes in fall weather

Gearing Up for an Autumn Bike Ride

You about ready for fall? Not a fall but riding in the fall. Dirt Bikes! Now that summer and sadly, Motocross, is over it's time to change gears but no need to lose focus on riding. Just because the sun dips quicker below the h...

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What to do when your dirt bike throttle sticks

Stuck Throttle! Now What?

Little else brings joy to a rider on a dirt bike than the green light to pin it. Little else terrifies a rider on a dirt bike when that pin gets stuck. A stuck throttle causes all sorts of havoc to rider and machine because it's unpredictable an...

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Tips to prepping the starting gate at a Motocross race

Sweep Your Way to the Holeshot

There's nothing worse than losing a Moto before the gate drops. It can happen and it all starts with the Start. When it comes to Motocross there is no one single most important component to winning. There's a variety of elements intertwining t...

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Tips on riding a dirt bike

How To Ride a Dirt Bike

Everyone remembers their first time. It was probably a bit scary, most definitely exhilarating and likely pretty quick. You might have been the type that wanted everything perfect so you dressed up and wore the appropriate prot...

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Tips to picking the best dirt bike handguards

How To Pick the Best Dirt Bike Handguards

One piece of protection many riders either overlook or forego altogether, but realize later their importance, is handguards. Handguards attach to your dirt bike's handlebars and protect your hands and clutch levers from damage because of roost...

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When to buy new dirt bike footpegs

Is It Time For New Dirt Bike Foot Pegs?

Got pegs? Dirt bike foot pegs. You need them or you can't ride. At least very well. And to ride well, you need foot pegs that provide grip and feel comfortable as you shift, brake and hold on for dear life. Mo...

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