Shorai LFX Lithium-Iron Battery
Shorai LFX Lithium-Iron Battery

$89.96 - $248.36
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      • Product Variant Manufacturer Part #
        LFX07L2-BS12 LFX07L2-BS
        LFX09A2-BS12 LFX09A2-BS
        LFX09L2-BS12 LFX09L2-BS
        LFX14A1-BS12 LFX14A1-BS
        LFX14A2-BS12 LFX14A2-BS12
        LFX14A4-BS12 LFX14A4-BS
        LFX14A5-BS12 LFX14A5-BS
        LFX14L2-BS12 LFX14L2-BS
        LFX14L5-BS12 LFX14L5-BS
        LFX18A1-BS12 LFX18A1-BS
        LFX18L1-BS12 LFX18L1-BS
        LFX19A4-BS12 LFX19A4-BS12
        LFX21A6-BS12 LFX21A6-BS
        LFX21L6-BS12 LFX21L6-BS
        LFX24A3-BS12 LFX24A3-BS
        LFX24L3-BS12 LFX24L3-BS
        LFX27L3-BS12 LFX27L3-BS